Impress new clients and simplify your workflow with a professionally *prettified* pricing guide

You love when potential clients reach out to you. But you don’t always love what comes next. Answering the same questions again and again, explaining the differences between your services, and trying to talk yourself up in the process — it takes a lot of energy, and a lot of time. And sometimes, even after all the effort, the client chooses someone else. You know that’s part of the process, but you can’t help feeling frustrated and, let’s be honest, a little let down. Because when you’re running your own business, it turns out time really is money. Tired of wasting time trying to prove your value? It’s time to simplify your workflow.

A 15 page, completely customizable, beautifully designed pricing and service guide. Take clients from somewhat interested to straight-up cannot wait to work with you.

New to Canva? No problem. Customization is as easy as drag & drop. Add your own photos and text, change colors, and move elements around to match your style and your brand. 

Cover + End Pages
to give your guide a truly professional look

About Me Page
to introduce yourself and make potential clients fall in love

Philosophy Page
to tell your clients what you’re all about

3 Service Pages
including prices and information to answer all your clients’ questions

2 Portfolio Pages
Showcase a few of your most prized work

Payment Plan Page
to explain exactly how your payment plans work

Cost Value Page
to explain everything your client is getting from the cost

Timeline Page
to map out what your client can expect from the process

Process Page
to share how your online process works

Need something not listed Page
to share info about asking for additional items

Thank You Page
because a little appreciation goes a long way

Next Steps Page
to get your clients exactly where you want them

Here’s the truth: You shouldn’t be trying to impress potential clients. Your pricing guide should.

“The service guide is amazing. My potential clients love what I've sent them! I've even booked 3 of the clients I've sent the pricing guide to. Love love it!”


“This is amazing and will save me hours trying to do proposals
in Photoshop. You nailed it!!”


“Such a beautiful layout and so easy to use! Having this in Canva makes my life so much easier.”


“I’m just now getting to using the guide and I’m already so freaking impressed!


Hey Brooke! I’m just now getting to using the guide and already so freaking impressed! THANK YOU! I’ll send the finished product! BRAVO friend for helping this photogs life be a little easier! You are amazing! Keep creating!