I see what makes you special. 
Let’s help everyone else see it, too.

About the founder

Take a moment to realize something:

But sometimes it feels like everyone else is doing something pretty dang similar. Sure, you’ve got your own signature style, and they’ve got theirs. But when it comes to branding, you feel like you’re one in a sea of one million — and not in a good way. 

When the struggle to stand out is real, it can feel like every seat on the brand-train is already taken. You don’t want to look like everyone else. You want to look like you. 

And to that, I say with full confidence: I got you, girl.

No one else can do what you do..

The stunning Instagram feed, the “expert” status, the website your competitors look to for inspo, and the clients you once thought were out of your league? Those goals are just the beginning.
Because branding is about so much more than attracting your dream clients. It’s about owning your story and embodying your best self. And when you see who you are and what makes you special reflected in your brand, you’re in for a major confidence boost. 
Ready to see how far you can go? I’ll be cheering you on from the passenger seat, wine in hand.

Hey, I’m Brooke!

Meet your fav designer
& brand strategist

"Brooke was the best decision I made for my business. She incorporated every bit of my identity that I could not see and made it into a versatile brand. The textures and logos I received are timeless and diverse. I am able to use these branding items throughout the seasons of life and feel that they are true to me. Brooke honed in on my personality and goals for my business and created something no one else could. When I received my full package, I was utterly shocked at how creative Brooke took my mess of an inquiry into a completely rounded branding style that meets all my needs. I highly recommend using Brooke for your branding needs."

Hear What My Clients Hype Girls Are Saying:

liza barrick

When I got my first job as a graphic designer, I was fresh out of The Ringling School of Art and Design and so excited to start doing the work I loved. I packed my bags, my (super adorable) dog Kipper, and —*deep breath* — I moved to Miami.

But what started as a dream quickly became a nightmare when I was faced with a problem I never expected: I was bullied incessantly on the job. My confidence was quickly replaced by a constant pit in my stomach. I started to doubt if I could ever be a successful designer, and after two weeks, I quit.

Fast forward a few years, and I found myself leaving my 9 to 5 again — but this time, it was because I knew I could do so much more. 

It all started with a mentorship program. With the support of other creative women, I regained confidence in 1. my signature style and 2. the things that make me me. And I learned what it’s like to have a team of women by my side, building me up and cheering me on.

Now, my mission is to help women-led businesses own their magic, find their confidence, and attract their people. 

Because I know what it means to have someone on your side. Who says you have to do it all alone?

I know from experience how support from creative women can change everything.

My workspace isn’t just inside my computer. I’m an artist first, designer second, meaning I collage, I paint, and I experiment with textures to give graphic design a romantic & handcrafted touch. 

Soft meets edgy. 
Nostalgic meets modern.
feminine meets cool girl next door. 
Digital meets tangible. 
Typography meets texture.
Vintage meets boho. 
Past meets present.
Trendy meets timeless.

You want your branding to be as creative as you are.
Welcome to my art studio.

Thoughtful and bubbly. They laugh at me because I’m always sending gifs and emojis. I’m definitely the caring mom of the group.

My best friends would say I’m:

Okay, definitely any rom com show. 90 Day Fiancé, Love Island, Below Deck, The Bachelor…you name it, I love it.

My guilty pleasure is:

SKINCARE! Every day I put a million products on my face and hope they do glorious things.

*P.S. Is it a natural glow, or just the light from my computer screen? You’ll never know. 

I can’t live without:

Walking my dogs, Kipper and Emma. And drinking coffee! Lots and lots of coffee.

Every morning you’ll find me:

Black jeans, black combat boots, a black tee, gold jewelry and a really fun blazer. Can you tell I’m a Scorpio?

My go-to outfit is

Coco Chanel, Historical cities, fresh flowers, film cameras, typography books, Architecture, Furniture designers and more.

I’m inspired by:

Let’s talk about how I can help you reach your business goals, attract your dream clients, and fall in love with a brand that feels true to you.

Feel like we’re friends already?