a couple of things I love:

DOGS, coffee, PASTA, white wine, GOLD JEWELRY, flowers, PHOTOGRAPHY, thrifting and of course DESIGNING.

Hi there! my name is Brooke and I am the owner and creator here at Flora Creative Co. I became obsessed with graphic design when I started designing my Tumblr pages back in high school. I knew I needed to pursue a degree in it so I left North Carolina and moved to Florida for school. I graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design with a major in Graphic Design. I ended up staying in Florida after college and moved to Miami to pursue my career. I started this business with the intentions of helping women be successful following their dreams of starting their own business. I really resonate with women who are leaving their corporate jobs to go after their passion because that’s exactly what I did. I left my corporate job after discovering that I was unhappy working a 9-5 job doing the same designs everyday. I had so much creativity that I wanted to share with the world.

This is my dog Kipper! He’s been by my side for 8 years now. He’s a big part of my business journey and is my favorite co-worker.

I also love to paint and collage in my free time! You can spot some of my work here.

THANK YOU for being here

Let's make magic