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A brand and web design studio helping growing beauty & creative businesses turn into fearlessly confident brands through memorable design with an artistic edge.

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Flora Creative's mission is to bring businesses closer to their true potential through creative passion and design. With an eye for detail, we craft memorable experiences using artistic practices to create inspiring impressions that last.

Our mission

Those brands that inspire you? They’ve got a story and a strategy. My designs are strategically crafted to make you a standout in your niche.

You’re ready to stop following the trends and start setting themI It’s time for a brand that feels like who you are now and who you want to become.

When your website design is also done by your branding strategist, you know it’s going to look cohesive, creative, and totally ready to convert.


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I’m a designer & brand strategist, but you can change my name in your email contacts to “Business BFF.”

I know from experience how feeling confident in who you are can change everything. That’s why as your brand strategist, my #1 priority is bringing out the best in you. We’ll be professionals and friends. We’ll grow beyond the competition and lift each other up in the process. 

Because branding is about so much more than a pretty logo and a design aesthetic. It’s about getting to the heart of who you are and who you can be. This experience will be all about owning your value, embodying your best self, and highlighting what makes you spectacularly you.

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About, Brooke

I reached out to Flora Creative after following her on Instagram for quite some time. I was not only looking to rebrand my business, but to take on the task of renaming it as well. She made me feel comfortable and laid out the roadmap to do, and I went with it!! Brooke created a beautiful timeless rebrand that I am proud of and is very special to me in more ways than one. My clients love it and business feels renewed!

saylah skin

This entire branding experience was truly serendipitous. It felt right and Brooke was entirely lovely to work with. Our styles aligned and the experience was truly everything that I imagined it to be. Everything was so efficient and I loved how the intensive days were structured. I gained a new love for my brand. My vision honestly feels a lot more fully executed as far as what Full Bloom looks like and how that is conveyed to clients and supporters.

full bloom by lauren

Brooke is SO TALENTED. I am so happy I chose her for my re-brand and I will continue to use her services for any branding changes/updates in the future! She asked all the right questions and I can tell really took the time to look over all my information. She was able to create a fresh, professional, and classic look for my business, which is exactly what I was looking for! When I showed my mom she said "never change this logo" and I know I won't! I cannot wait for Brooke to re-do my website and continue to grow my brand! I cannot thank her enough!!

taylored affairs

I came to Flora Creative Co. as a fellow brand designer, looking for someone who would be open to working with someone in their industry - and Brooke welcomed me with open arms. She listened to my thoughts, dreams, and desires for a new era of business for my small creative agency - and I could see how much she cares about her clients throughout her process. She's friendly, perceptive, and truly the QUEEN of textures and patterns. I'm blown away by the magic she created for East & Eve Creative Co. - and I'm so grateful for her openness, creative eye, and overall design genius.

east & eve creative co.

Brooke is the definition of sunshine in human form! From our first consultation over the phone, I knew that my website was in desperate need of being updated and that we were at a plateau with booking clients. Brooke asked questions that made it extremely apparent that she was invested in wanting to know me as a person. Since working with her, I have been getting inquiries from my dream clients, one after another! Now I LOVE handing out my business cards and Ishow off my website all the time to clients, vendors, and friends. Everyone loves it! If I could go back and do it all over again, I would choose Brooke every single time!

Hemstitch Rentals

In the beginning of this year, I felt so stuck with my business. I’ve been at it for 2-3 years, but wanted to really niche down and gain the high quality clients I’ve been dreaming of. I began casually searching for someone to do branding and strategy for my business, and came across Flora Creative. After taking one peek at her website, I instantly knew that this was everything I had been craving for my branding! When I inquired, I was met with such a kind and easygoing person on the other end of this journey. Brooke is seriously your biggest hype woman and does everything in her power to ensure your business is one in a million. I now feel so confident in my market area knowing I am a viable candidate for all my dream clients. I will definitely be inquiring with her for a website ASAP!

lauren provost photo

I highly recommend hiring Brooke! I have been thinking about getting my branding done for 6 months and when I found her instagram I knew I had to go for it! It was an amazing investment for my business and I can't wait to share my rebrand with the world. She truly put her heart and soul into my branding and took the time to understand my vision for the brand. I felt heard the entire time and I couldn't be happier with the results. My brand feels like art and I don't think many people can say that. Brooke's communication was very clear and she was kind - not only did I get an amazing brand I feel like I made a friend in the process! :)


I would recommend Brooke 1000 times over! Not only is she insanely talented when it comes to design and aesthetic, but she is an amazing soul of a human. I absolutely love my brand! I don't know anyone who wouldn't adore her personality and talent!

Vania Elise Photo + Film

Since working with Brooke, I’ve seen growth in my social media, more inquiries in total, AND more inquiries from my 'ideal’ clientele, which has allowed me to confidently charge more! This website rebrand was my baby and I really felt like Brooke valued it just as much as I did!

the art of violets

I reached out to Brooke because I was ready to start attracting my ideal client and take the next step in having a more professional look and website. I felt like we clicked personally and her work was much more unique than just any typical brand designer. I know when it is Brooke's work before seeing her name on any post or website. Her style is so fun and eye-catching! What I love most is how many compliments I’ve received on how my branding suits me personally. It takes a special person to take the time to really get to know you and make all your branding dreams come true! I’ll forever be using Flora Creative Co. for my branding dreams!!!

Sidney Ruedy Photography

Before working with Brooke, I didn't have any consistency with my branding, and the tiny logo I did have didn’t represent me or my company at all. I did a two-day intensive with Brooke, which was PERFECT for me. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to communicate exactly what I wanted, but she put it all together into this magical product! Now my brand feels so cohesive! I am finally growing and I feel proud and confident! Brooke was absolutely wonderful to work with and so worth the investment! 

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