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Through the art of storytelling and business strategy, we help photographers, florists and other creative business owners become the sought out business in their market.

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Flora Creative Co. provides BRANDING and WEBSITE design that makes people FEEL. When working with Flora, you will NOT ONLY leave with a friend, you’ll leave with a BRAND NEW BUSINESS that encapsulates all of your DREAMS and GOALS.

We achieve this through strategic design practices. It is because of our love for thoughtful and deep strategies, that we are able to share your stories through timeless designs. I am here to guide and inspire you to start building the business of your dreams. Together, we will create memorable designs that tell your business story using tried and true practices that target your audience, and builds trust. 


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I am the owner and creator at Flora Creative Co. I am also your biggest supporter and friend during your business journey!

Hi friend, i'm brooke

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I'm so happy I chose Brooke for this process! To start, her style aligned perfectly with what I saw for my brand. From the very beginning I felt like this was the perfect fit for me to grow my business and online presence. All of her products, from the custom logos, fonts, color palettes, social media templates, and website was put together with so much thought + care. I have tried my hand at doing my own branding and it looked absolutely terrible. So mismatched and never reaching the level of style and professionalism I saw out there. I'm a creative by nature, but to know and understand brands is a whole new world. The technical piece of domains was way over my head. Yes, I MAYBE could have figured it out but it would have taken me forever... actual tears would have been shed. She was a sounding board and helped me work through a lot of my ideas until they were... PERFECT. I think creatively, we're both perfectionists so it was so nice having someone who understood that side of my personality. This website/rebrand was my baby and I really felt like she valued it just as much as I did. I know she was working with other brands at the same time but I NEVER felt it. She works her booty off to make that happen, I'm sure of it! Do yourself a favor, hire a professional... and make it Brooke!

LIZZIE Schuman

Brooke isn’t just great at picking pretty color schemes and fonts... yes I love all of that. But something that sets her apart is how deep she dives into your wants and needs of your business and helps you find your “why” Yes my brand has pretty colors and beautiful but what I love most is how many complements I’ve received on how my branding suites me personally. It takes a special person to take the time to really get to know you personally and make all your branding dreams come true rather than just having someone buy some pretty fonts and colors for you!!! Forever using Flora Creative Co for my branding dreams!!

SIDNEY RUEDY photography

I am still in awe with what Brooke has done with my branding, social media and more. She listened to me more than I ever could have imagined. She took my words, wants and wishes, did her work --which included research!! -- and solidified visually what I not only wanted but felt I had to achieve. During the process of her presentations to me, I would get teary-eyed and many times I would have to close my computer because what she was doing was so amazing. It blew me away. I am still processing it. I am not done. I am still tickled, in awe and grateful for what Brooke has done for me.

AMYJO pilates

Working with Brooke was amazing, she is an authentic beautiful person which the process very enjoyable. I felt supported during the entire process and felt like I made a friend: I will continue to use her for future graphic and branding needs and would recommend her 100%

MOLLY IN THE SKY floristry

Brooke with Flora creative is absolutely amazing. Not only is she so unbelievably talented with brand design, she is so friendly, personable and such a joy to work with. With me being a photographer, who is super particular when it comes to aesthetic, Brooke nailed it when it came to my brand. It was actually very hard to choose between the two beautiful options that she presented me with. I can’t wait to implement my new branding and hopefully have Brooke work with me on a new web design in the near future :)

VANIA ELSIE photography


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