Creative Direction
Brand Identity

Grace Choi is a talented, passionate live wedding artist based in Sydney. With her artistic expertise and keen eye for detail, she creates personalized and unforgettable artworks that capture the essence and beauty of special moments. 

My goal was to create a brand design that is high end, timeless, yet artistic. I skillfully combined elements of handwritten scripts, hand drawn patterns, typography and textures, ensuring that her brand will adapt and thrive as her business continues to grow. In addition to choosing a beautiful typeface, I paid close attention to small details and got rid of some of the harsh lines on the “G and C” to give it that high end, artistic feel. Grace left the 2 day intensive process with a brand that speaks to her high-end clients who value craftsmanship and artistry. By choosing her brand, they will feel that they are investing in a truly exceptional and exclusive experience working with Grace.

grace choi artist

See more of my portfolio →

See more of my portfolio →